Kids' Outdoor Activities

Neighborhood Cleanup

This seems to be the most awkward activity on this list yet the healthiest of them all. A clean environment is essential for not only the good health of your children but your health too. It is a simple activity that generates a lot of fun for kids. All you need is organize your kids, give them a garbage bag, and instruct them to move around the neighborhood picking up trash. You will be surprised as the environment will have a nicer look; the results are usually instant!

Since kids are kids, you will need to keep your eye on them. Remember, they are dealing with dirt; they need to be safe. Getting them, some gloves to protect their hands from coming into direct contact with germs can be a brilliant idea. You will also need to motivate your kids do the work- they should not see it as a punishment. One way to motivate them is to reward them with snacks. If possible, you can give them T-shirts with “Keep Your Neighborhood Clean” inscription. So, if you haven’t imagined that neighborhood cleanup can be a thrilling outdoor activity for kids, give it a shot- and sure, they will have fun.