Seniors' Outdoor Activities

Enjoy Winter Fun Outdoors

It’s the season to enjoy time with family and friends. Chilly weather brings new opportunities to explore. With children clamouring for things to do, it’s time to get creative. There are still plenty of fun outdoor activities to enjoy year-round.

For those who tire of common winter games like snow angels, you may enjoy these four fun outdoor activities.


Animal tracking is an educational activity. During the winter, it is easy to see the footprints of various animals who call the woods home. Exploring the nature trail in the winter is a transformative experience. Icicles branch off from trees. Sunlight shines on the new snowfall. Crisp winter air fills the lungs on the adventure. If lucky, hikers may spot an owl in the trees or a deer scampering through the woods. Following the nature trail through a winter wonderland is an activity the entire family may enjoy.


It may take some research to find out which foods animals can eat. However, making decorative food treats to distribute outdoors to animals in nature may provide hours of fun. Decorations are a festive way to share the holiday spirit with the animal kingdom. Garlands made from birdseeds, popcorn, or berries are easy to distribute. It’s a treat birds and squirrels may appreciate during the holiday season.

Activity Station

Winter activity stations are a novel way to expand a child’s creativity and education. By setting up a paint station, snowball station, igloo station, and snowman station, parents can watch the children enjoy several outdoor activities at once. Each station brings the group a different objective, which can be educational as well as fun.

Simon Says

Following the proverbial Simon on a snow-filled day is a novel way to enjoy a classic game. From rolling in the snow to jumping through hoops, the follow-the-leader game transforms outdoor playtime into a new experience. During the winter, there are plenty of unique outdoor activities to enjoy.