Using Modern Tech for Outdoor Activities

When people think of outdoor activities, they undoubtedly may assume it involves the shunning of modern technology. After all, enjoying nature is the perfect opportunity to escape the trappings of everyday life. However, there are certain forms of tech that can actually enhance the experience of enjoying the great outdoors.

Numerous different types of both hardware and software can be utilised for this purpose. They can keep people aware of their current location, communicate with emergency services or just maximise their enjoyment.


Many hikers have been relying on GPS tech for years. It tells them exactly where they are so that they can plan their routes effectively. Getting lost in the wilderness can be very dangerous and may even end in loss of life. For this reason, a GPS is one of the more essential pieces of technology to bring outdoors.

Portable Laptops

If the person is planning to camp out for the night, it is a good idea to bring a laptop with them. They could purchase a second hand macbook online as this will be more cost-effective. A laptop will have a plethora of uses such as helping to alleviate boredom during the less exciting parts of the trip.

Fitness Trackers

In recent years, fitness trackers have become exceedingly popular. They are usually worn on the wrist while the person exercises. A tracker can record heart rates, blood pressure, speed and distance. This makes them ideal for a woodland jog or cycle. The stats provided from a tracker will help to improve overall performance.

Mobile Phones

Much like a laptop, the modern smartphone has a wide range of possible uses. When it comes to outdoor activities, its most important function is communication. If an emergency should occur then a mobile phone is potentially lifesaving. For this reason, a phone is the most essential item to bring along.

Digital Compasses

For centuries people have relied on compasses to travel. This has not changed. While traditional compasses are still useful, digital ones offer extra benefits. They can integrate with other navigation tools such as GPS. The only downside is the need to charge them over time. It is, therefore, important to keep an eye on battery power levels.

3D Printers

3D printers have become a revolutionary invention. A family could use them to print out tent poles, sports equipment and many other items for an outdoor trip. However, they are still prohibitively expensive. If they become more affordable, then it is likely that people will use them to print out objects for their outdoor activities.

Portable Music Players

Going for a woodland jog is much more fun if music is playing. There are many cheap portable music players on the market. Some can play music hardware such as CDs, whereas more modern tech exclusively plays music files, including MP3s. It is also possible to buy players that can stream music from the internet.