Kids' Outdoor Activities

Bicycle Riding

Bicycle riding is a brilliant outdoor activity for kids- it comes with a myriad of health benefits. According to health experts, your children should get a one-hour physical activity daily to stay healthy, and bicycle riding can help them to achieve this. A good thing about this activity is that it is easy to learn. Once you have invested in the two wheels, you can get your loved ones pedaling in a matter of minutes without having to purchase training wheels. How does it benefit kids?

Well, bicycle riding improves your child’s fitness. The activity is an exercise and keeps your heart rate up. Just like grownups, kids must stay physically fit to be able to participate in the daily activities of their level. Riding also boosts positive thinking and relieves stress. Since cycling involves getting active, it enhances blood circulation and other processes that affect mental orientation. And of course, there is fun and thrill. This is perhaps the most important benefit. Kids love riding because it gives them the much-needed independence to roam around. This benefit does not have to be delayed until your kids are too old. Instead, give them freedom to explore the environment but in a safe way. Just don’t let them cycle on the road or busy streets; accidents are real. An open playground or an enclosed compound is usually safe for biking.

Safety Tips

Yes, bicycle riding is healthy and a great way to freedom or independence for your kids, but you should never forget that a bicycle is a vehicle; it is not a toy! Hence, you must ensure that your kids observe certain important safety measures. Before they start pedaling, the bike must be in good condition; all the parts must be secure. The brakes must be faultless and tires well inflated. A properly fitted helmet should be your child’s friend while on the wheels- protect their brain and save their life.

Riding should be done in the day time and in a low-traffic area. It is important to teach your kids to watch out for any hazards, including gravel, leaves, dogs, puddles, and potholes; they are all potential recipes for a crash. If the kids are riding in a group, those in the lead should alert the riders behind them on any hazards. Finally, riding should be done the right way. Hands should be on the handlebars, and your children must maintain discipline on the bicycle; teach them!