Summer Outdoor Activities

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking takes your favourite childhood hobby and makes it a fun off-roading sport or passtime. Mountain biking came up as a fringe sport in California in the 1970s. Sure, there was nothing new about taking a bike off-road, but the invention of a new bicycle with the potential to beat terrains gave thrill-seeking cyclists a lot of freedom, and the sport was born. These bicycles had rapid-shift gears, fatter tires, ground breaking suspension, and drum brakes that made them more suited for riding in mountainous areas.

Many mountain biking towns have miles of trail weaving in and out of mountains to make your summer a season to remember. However, you will need to apply certain tips to get the most out of your biking. Whether you’re enjoying the sport in the summer or any other season of the year, here are the tips to help you:

  • Check your bike for safety before riding
  • Ensure your finger is on the brakes always; you’re not riding on a flat ground
  • Look ahead while riding; you need to know what is ahead of you so you can prepare in advance
  • Be in a protective gear (goggles, face helmet, elbow pads, knee pads etc.) always