Kids' Outdoor Activities

Freshwater Angling in Great Britain (GB)

Angling is the largest participant sport in Great Britain. You may want to fly-fish for trout and salmon or fish large rivers, such as the River Severn or Trent for barbel and chub or fish a modern commercial fishery for carp. Whatever style of fishing you would like to pursue, there is something for everybody in the great GB outdoors.

GB has some of the most famous places to fish in the world from rivers to freshwater lakes. On some lakes and rivers, you can actually take your catch home to eat. This is especially relevant to trout fisheries who usually allow you to take some fish home with you, the price of which is included in the ticket cost.

There are many places in GB where you can go freshwater fishing. GB has some of the best fishing venues in the world, from chalk streams to rivers and freshwater lakes, ponds and reservoirs. Fishing in GB will provide you with the best places to go visit for the chance to grab yourself a great catch. Many fishing tournaments are regularly held in GB including the British Pike Championships, the National Angling Championship, and Fish O Mania, which has been extensively covered on television.

Should you decided to go fishing, then you will need a licence to fish which depends on which species you intend to catch. You will need a legal licence to fish for freshwater fish, salmon, trout in:

  • England
  • The Esk Border region of Scotland
  • Wales

When you’re fishing, you must always have your rod fishing licence with you, or you could be fined by the courts. Licences for young people, aged between 13 and 16 are free of charge. If you require any medical assistance while out in the countryside be sure to contact for advice.

You can also buy your licence by calling the Environment Agency or in person at a Post Office if the licence is for someone over 16. Licences can also be bought online.

When and Where You Are Allowed to Fish

There are periods within the year when you are not allowed to fish for various species of fish on some types of water. This period is called the Close Season.

The Close Season in England and Wales runs from 15 March to 15 June, during which you are not permitted to fish for coarse fish in rivers.

Lakes, Reservoirs, Ponds and also Canals

You can fish for most coarse fish, eels, and freshwater trout on lakes, ponds or canals all year round.

If you wish to have a go at fishing, please visit your local fishing tackle shop where rods and tackle etc. can be bought at very reasonable prices. Why not have a go? You may also end up with a sumptuous meal and some money in your pocket if deciding to enter a competition.