Kids' Outdoor Activities


What a better way to enjoy the outdoors with your kids than a family picnic? Picnic is important for children because it fosters bonding, as well as a positive family interaction. When you were childless, you probably had a spontaneous picnic in which you had a table cloth, wine, and bread. Or even, you had a romantic venue for two, and the picnic was over. When it comes to taking your children out for a picnic, you need to plan. You just don’t want to hear any grumbling that something is missing or the food is not enough; after all, your children must be happy for the picnic. Sure, the components are easy to make, and most of the work will be done by your kids, but the real challenge comes to organizing and packing to ensure you arrive at the picnic destination with every necessary thing intact.

What to Pack

A colorful picnic basket for kids should include a good mix of fresh and easy-to-prepare tasty foods and savory on top of plastic recyclable plates and cutlery. Most children fancy colorful vegetables sticks accompanied with yogurt and a quark. That way, they will be able to nibble however they like while playing.

Frankfurters, fruits, and finger foods are ideal while grapes and berries can easily be put on a skewer. A tasty snack can be prepared by simply adding a cheese cube, and fruit salad mixed with a lemon squirt can be very refreshing. Be sure to avoid anything that melts or goes bad quickly (mayonnaise, lettuce leaves, home-made cream pie etc.). Triangular watermelon pieces placed on sticks (watermelon lollipops) for children to lick just as they would with ice cream are also well-loved. Napkins, garbage bags, and wet wipes should not be forgotten!

What is Still Missing? Games!

No picnic would be complete without outdoor games, but first things first: you should carry a first aid emergency kit: the fun does not have to end too quickly. Adhesive bandages, a disinfectant spray, wound cream, and sunscreens should all be in the kit.

Nature can be an immense playground for children. It is important children understand and respect their natural surroundings and immersing themselves in it is a great way to do so. Children can build things with whatever they find, and they can climb trees or splash in water. Some of the most common picnic games for children include hula hoop, beach volleyball, the Frisbee, Viking combat, Kubb, among other outdoor classics. Some of these games not only bring maximum fun and enjoyment for children but also boost their cognitive abilities. Kubb, for instance, is a game of skill. In this game, two teams try to bring down wooden cubes (Kubb) of the opponents using a stick. It is simple to play, and children can enjoy fun for hours.