Summer Outdoor Activities

Horseback Riding

When it comes to enjoying a cool summer breeze or a colourful summer sunset, horseback is a great way to take it all in. Regarded as one of the most relaxing outdoor activities, horse riding is ideal for people of all ages. Many resorts across the world offer a variety of options, including horse-drawn carriage rides and dinner rides. To ensure an enjoyable and safe riding experience for both you and the horse, you need to bear in mind certain things. Safety is important when horseback riding, especially given that you are dealing with a live and therefore unpredictable being. Never dispense with the right equipment and clothing. Invest in a summer riding hat to do away with overheating that can easily ruin your riding session. Since you may not want to wear long rubber or leather boots in hot conditions, obtaining short riding boots, such as Jodhpur boots, can be great.

You may want to protect yourself against fly bites; the little critters may be out in force while on your horseback. Plus, don’t forget your sunscreen. Sure, you have a riding hat but that won’t be enough to prevent sunburns. So, be sure to properly protect yourself just the same way you would on any other sunny day. And of course, keep off from riding when the sunshine is at its peak. Intense sunshine is detrimental to both the rider and the horse as it may cause dehydration. It is important to carry water and take regular sips to re-energize your body. Ensuring that your horse has steady access to water will keep it going; treat your horse, and it will return the favor.